Themes in Mark, Cycle B

Mark's gospel, used in Cycle B, is the shortest of the four gospels and is considered by many to be the oldest. Just like the facet of a diamond, Mark gives a special view of Jesus and contains some very important themes. Some of these themes are:

  • knowing and preparing for the Kingdom, or Reign, of God in our lives;

  • understanding who Jesus is, not only as healer and teacher, but as the one who willingly embraced the cross for us;

  • responding to Jesus in discipleship by truly understanding him, being with him, and sharing in his mission.

In a wonderful way, Mark's gospel is filled with hope, especially for those who experience any type of suffering or misunderstanding in their lives. Mark wants us to know Jesus and to journey with him through the cross to the resurrection.

As you open and explore God's Word through Mark's gospel, listen for these key themes and make faith come more alive each day.
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