Proclaiming Faith

On the road

May 4th, 2014 (see other dates)

Third Sunday of Easter

Discussion Questions for Reading 1

How do you think we can follow Peter's example as ministers of the word? What will you do to grow more in your understanding of God's word? How will you make the word of God more a part of your life? One way might be to repeat this psalm verse often throughout the week in celebration of Jesus' resurrection: "You have shown me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence."

Reading 1 Acts 2:14, 22-33

Reading 1 Reflection

What a powerful feeling it is to stand up before a vast crowd of people and tell them exactly what you believe! That's what we hear Peter doing as he speaks. His voice rings out fearlessly as he insists that the crucified Jesus is the Messiah sent by God. Jesus is the holy one foretold by David. He is the conqueror of death itself. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter stirred up the people with the wonder of God's word.

Discussion Questions for Reading 2

What does reverence mean to you? Does it mean we can never enjoy any jokes about "a priest, a minister, and a rabbi?" How do you show your reverence for your faith and for the things of God?

Reading 2 1 Peter 1:17-21

Reading 2 Reflection

The second reading reminds us that we have been redeemed through the blood of Christ. In return, we are to conduct ourselves with reverence on our faith journey. If we have an attitude of reverence, we will not take our faith lightly. We will be sincere in our study of our faith. We will be open to God and his will for us. We will seek to understand and participate in the Mass and the sacraments because there we meet the One who suffered, died, and rose for us.

Discussion Questions for Gospel

Our friends can either lead us to walk with Jesus or to walk away from him. How do you support and help your friends in walking with Jesus? How do they support and help you? How do you show that you, too, recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread at the celebration of the Eucharist?

Gospel Luke 24:13-35

Gospel Reflection

As two downhearted disciples journey to Emmaus, a stranger joins them. To him they pour out all their crushed hopes about Jesus who has been crucified and whom they miss so much. After listening carefully to their story, the stranger tells them that they are slow to "believe all that the prophets have announced." He then explains the Scripture to them.

The disciples are delighted with the stranger's teaching. But they do not realize that the stranger is Jesus until he takes bread, blesses it, breaks it, and gives it to them. At Mass the priest does this very same thing today. At Mass we too meet Jesus along the road of our lives, and Jesus gives himself to us through these very actions.

Proclaiming Faith Activities for Primary Grades

The Path of Life

Explain to the children that today we pray Psalm 16 as the responsorial psalm. The psalmist says that the Lord will show us the path of life.

Distribute drawing paper. Explain to the children that they are to trace their footprints, decorate them, and write their names on their prints. Then have the children place their footprints on the floor, forming a path that leads to your prayer space. When all the prints have been placed, invite the children to follow the path of footprints to the prayer space as they sing together an Easter Alleluia.

Jesus Surprises His Friends

Explain to the children that in today's gospel we read about the time when the risen Jesus surprised his friends. After reading the story, discuss the following questions: If you were Cleopas and his friend, would you have been surprised? Why or why not? When did the two friends recognize Jesus?

Tell the children: "Some people who go on journeys keep a log or diary." Suggest that the children make a log. Tell them to imagine that they are disciples on the way to Emmaus. Have the children write an entry to tell about their journey with Jesus and to describe how they felt being surprised by Jesus.

Remind the children that every day we are on a journey, and that Jesus is with us all along the way. Every week, and sometimes more often, we stop. We go to Mass. We listen to God's word and receive Holy Communion. Then we go on our journey again and say, "The Lord is risen and is with us on our journey! Alleluia!"

Proclaiming Faith Activities

Getting the Word Out

One way you can be a minister of the word is to speak out about your faith in a newspaper article or in a letter to the editor. Choose one of the following topics. List the points you want to make in your letter or article. Remember to be truthful, fearless, and forceful like Peter.


  • How Jesus is crucified in the world today
  • Recognizing Jesus in the stranger in our midst
  • How youth can get the parish "fired up" about the mission of Jesus
Suggestions for an article on "Youth and Parish":

1) Young people have the energy and idealism to get people interested in a Good News Project.

2) Jesus says that we should be evangelizers and spread his good news.

3) Jesus challenged everyone in the world to treat one another as brothers and sisters. 4) We will become the "Good News Team" of our parish.

When will you write your letter or article? What will you do with it?

Hearts Overflowing with Love

"Were not our hearts burning inside us?" the Emmaus disciples asked each other. What makes your heart glow with the warmth of Jesus' love? Think about this and then respond to the reflection chart below.

Suggestions for responses are in italics. Add your own!

Possible helps for           How I will try to be more open
a loving heart                 to them

God's word in Scripture      By choosing a few gospel passages to
                                       learn by heart and make my own

Celebrating the Eucharist    By trying to be more present at the
                                       Eucharist, less distracted or bored

Sharing faith with              By listening to and caring about 
my family                         what my family says about faith 
Personal prayer                 By searching for songs and
                                       poems that speak to me of Jesus

Experiencing forgiveness    By seeking forgiveness when I need it
                                       and accepting it as Jesus' gift

Seeing Jesus in others        By looking for him in unlikely faces
                                       and places

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