Proclaiming Faith

This is my beloved Son.

January 10th, 2010 (see other dates)

The Baptism of the Lord

Discussion Questions for Reading 1

How do you think a servant of the Lord can contribute to justice and peace in gentle and nonviolent ways? How will you try to do so?

Reading 1 Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7

Reading 1 Reflection

Today's reading might be called Jesus' theme song, even though it was written long before his birth. Known as one of the four "suffering Servant Songs" in the Old Testament, this reading describes someone who sounds exactly like Jesus. And Jesus himself quotes some of these lines from the prophet, who was probably describing Israel itself. By accepting his own suffering and remaining faithful to God, Israel could be "a light for the nations." For us, the reading is an inspiring portrait of Jesus, the Suffering Servant, who humbly brings justice, freedom, and peace to God's people.

Discussion Questions for Reading 2

After his Baptism, Jesus went about doing good works and healing those who were enslaved by sin. Following his example, what good or healing work will you do this week?

Reading 2 Acts 10:34-38

Reading 2 Reflection

Today the Roman centurian Cornelius and hsi fellow converts to Christianity are delighted to hear the apostle say that "God shows no partiality." Some of the early Jewish Christians belieeved that the good news of Jesus was intended only for the Jews. But Peter insisted that Jesus' mission was to all nations. He pointed to the Baptism of Jesus as the beginning of his ministry, the day when he was "anointed with the Holy Spirit and power."

Discussion Questions for Gospel

How often do you recognize times when you have experienced God's favor and love? What can help you become more conscious everyday of God acting in your life?  What can you do to help others become more aware of God's love?

Gospel Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

Gospel Reflection

We all want to be recognized for who we really are. Today's gospel reading describes that memorable day when Jesus had the joy of being recognized by John the Baptist and approved by God as "God's beloved Son." Although Jesus did not need to be baptized (since he was without sin), he wanted to identify himself as closely as possible with God's people.

Take a few minutes today to be thankful for your Baptism. Ask Jesus to help you recognize yourself more deeply as a beloved daughter or son of God.

Proclaiming Faith Activities for Primary Grades

A World Full of Gifts

Reproduce and enlarge a picture of the world twice. Put one of these on the bulletin board. Cut the other one into as many pieces as children in your class. Include one piece for yourself. Give each child a piece of the world puzzle. Explain that each of us has been given a special and unique gift by God. He wants us to share this with the world. One by one invite the children to attach their puzzle piece to the bulletin board. As they come forward, encourage them to tell what gift they will share with the world. Before placing the final piece, point out that the picture is not complete until everyone shares his or her gifts.

Water into Wine

In the gospel story today, Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding feast. Before class, pour powdered drink mix in a two-quart pitcher or container. Reenact this miracle with the children. During the reenactment, have children add water to the container. Watch as the water is changed into "wine". Enjoy this special drink.

Proclaiming Faith Activities

Living Your Baptism

The Baptism of Jesus marked the beginning of his public ministry. He went about proclaiming the good news of peace and doing the good works of justice and healing. Make a chart showing the ways you have helped bring peace, justice, fairness, and healing to others.

My Baptismal Ministry

In the past, I . . .

In the present, I . . .

In the future, I hope to . . .

How will you prepare now to live as a person of justice and mercy?

Explaining the Unknown

Today's readings from the Old and New Testaments tell us about the kind of person Jesus is. Imagine you have met people from another planet who have never heard of Jesus. Plan a video or a PowerPoint presentation to describe who Jesus is. In your description, use some of the ideas about Jesus from today's readings.

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