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To Parents and Catechists: Many of us love adventure. This week's activity offers an Advent adventure for nine to eleven-year-olds. The activity can be done very effectively outdoors.

An Advent Adventure

By special request from God, you have been chosen to take an Advent journey on the "Road to Holiness."

Departure: First day of Advent
Travel Time: Four weeks
Destination: Feast of Christmas

Prayers to Pray

Week 1
Lord, open my eyes...


Week 2
Lord, open my ears...


Week 3
Lord, open my hands...


Week 4
Lord, help me to be open...



A Prayer for Advent Travelers
O, God, be with us on our journey, for all your ways are beautiful and all your paths lead us to peace.

Advent Travel Guides
Each week read and reflect on God's Word. Then respond in prayer.

First Week
Long ago, the prophet Isaiah' said, "There will be a highway called 'The Road to holiness.'"
From Isaiah 35:8


Second Week
The Lord says, "Listen to me all you who come to me for help."
From Isaiah 51:1


Third Week
Make your tent larger, extend your boundaries on all sides.
From Isaiah 54:2, 3


Fourth Week
Then the Lord Jesus came and taught us how to travel on the Road to Holiness. He said, "Learn from me, because I am gentle and humble of heart."
From Matthew 11:29

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